What We Do:

Operating within London since 2015, we at Guardians Vape are in the business of producing and distributing high quality e-liquid products. We have a TPD compliant brand and our liquids are manufactured to the highest quality. It’s simply the best.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is simple. We at Guardians Vape, strive to offer our customers the highest quality e-liquids.  Guardians Vape e-liquid is manufactured in our lab within the United Kingdom. We strive to have the highest customer service in the industry, and will work at a local level to assure that our customers are pleased with our products. We have the highest integrity, so that our customers have a will to continue to do business with our company. Our best advocates are the customers that have utilised our products to free themselves from the big tobacco giants, who have never had their customer’s best interests in mind. 

Business Philosophy:

As our mission statement presents, our philosophy is to provide high quality products to our customers.  We believe that having E-Juice that is made in the UK and made by Brits is the best way to introduce our company to the world. British made products have been a staple for the United Kingdom for decades. We believe that UK products allow for the highest quality and testing that is available anywhere in the world. We will constantly evaluate our products and assure that our standards and expectations are just as high as our customers. We believe that we can do all of this and still sell our products at affordable prices. It is also important for our company to give the best customer service in the industry. We make every effort to support our customers through the process of eliminating tobacco products from their lives forever.

At Guardians Vape we believe in building a customer base at a grass roots level. Our main focus is to build a loyal customer base that will repeat their business with us. We started out by building relationships with local shops, event promoters, restaurants, and other places where the typical smoker would be. We know that the traditional smoker has been ridiculed to the point that their habits are no longer accepted by the general public. We aim to break this persecution with our odorless, smokeless alternative Electronic cigarettes. We know and understand that smokers are looking for other ways besides smoking, to fulfill their needs. That is exactly why we are in business! We want our customers to experience a better alternative, which could potentially change their lives forever.